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Citywide Pest Control Contractor

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For any pest management in City structures, or public health/vector control on City properties.

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City pest management contractor


Choose companies certified under one of the following ecolabels.


Choose companies certified under one of the following ecolabels.


Information on Services: Pest Management in Buildings


All structural pest control companies (that is, controlling pests in and around buildings) must be licensed under California law, but it isn't always easy to determine which companies practice a prevention-based, least toxic approach to managing pests. The best option is to find a certified company. 

Criteria for Services: Pest Management in Buildings

SF Environment created a rigorous request for proposals for pest management services that requires third-party certification, site visits and sample IPM plans. Pest control contractors must demonstrate a full working knowledge of and commitment to the integrated pest management approach:

  1. Monitor each pest ecosystem to determine pest population, size, occurrence, and natural enemy population, if present. Identify decisions and practices that could affect pest populations. Keep records of such monitoring;
  2. Set for each pest at each site and identify in an IPM implementation plan, an injury level, based on how much biological, aesthetic or economic damage the site can tolerate;
  3. Consider a range of potential treatments for the pest problem. Employ nonpesticide management tactics first. Consider the use of chemicals only as a last resort and select and use chemicals only within an IPM program and in accordance with the provisions of the IPM Ordinance (Chapt. 3, Environment Code).


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March 7, 2014

Guide for City Staff

See the "Managing Pests on City Properties" web page for a full description of San Francisco's Integrated Pest Management Program and its requirements.