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Only use compostable bags for compost. Compostables in the landfill release methane, a polluting greenhouse gas that can lead to climate change.

Get free signs and a toolkit that helps people compost and recycle. 

Criteria for Bags: Compostable Plastic

Criteria for Required products:

Compostable plastic bags must meet the following identifying requirements:

  • Be certified compostable by a third-party independent verification entity such as the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI,, proving that the finished product meets ASTM D6400 standard of compostability.
  • Be “readily and easily identifiable” as compostable and conform to the minimum standards of the California labeling law (Public Resources Code Section 42355 et seq.).
  • Must not be labeled “biodegradable,” “oxy-degradable,” “decomposable,” or “degradable.”

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Last updated: 
February 7, 2021

Guide for Small Businesses & Homes

For kitchen compostables in the home, used milk cartons are a money-saving alternative to compostable bags