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Criteria for Halogen & Incandescent Bulbs

Limited Use products:

If LED replacements do not exist, suppliers may only sell:

  • Specialty incandescent and halogen lamps (e.g., appliance, black light, bug, colored, infrared, plant, projector, stage and studio, traffic signal, etc.);
  • Miniature incandescent lamps; and
  • Other halogen and incandescent lamps that are listed in California’s Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Database.

Prohibited products:

  • General service halogen and incandescent lamps with a medium screw base or GU24 2-pin base, including both omni-directional light bulbs (e.g., A19 and A21 standard shape lamps) and directional light bulbs (e.g., reflector flood and PAR lamps);
  • Decorative halogen and incandescent lamps (e.g., globe-, candle-, bullet-shaped lamps, including filament lamps); and
  • Small diameter directional lamps (e.g., MR16 flood lights) with a pin base.

Most omni-directional, non-directional (flood), and decorative incandescent and halogen lamps (except colored models) are now banned under California’s Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations.

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August 14, 2019