Waxie Stainless Steel Polish/Degreaser (RTU) 750323

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Criteria for Waxie Stainless Steel Polish/Degreaser (RTU) 750323

Info on this product category: Metal Cleaners

Why Go Green

Green cleaners on this site:

  • Have safer ingredients. Cleaning products often contain a variety of hazardous ingredients, including quaternary ammonium compounds, alkylphenol ethoxylates, 2-butoxyethanol, glycol ethers, and ethanolamine. These pose health hazards to workers and building occupants, as well as environmental hazards downstream.
  • Reduce waste, by emphasizing recycled and/or recyclable packaging.
  • Are sold as concentrates whenever possible, which means that shipping weight is 1/64 – 1/256 that of ready to use products - dramatically reducing fuel requirements for shipping.
  • Often use dilution systems to prevent exposure to concentrated products.
  • Cost roughly equivalent to conventional products (see our report).

Criteria for Metal Cleaners

Must be certified under Green Seal GS‐53 or recognized under US EPA Safer Choice.

Guide for City Staff

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Special Purchasing Instructions

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