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  • Recycled Products in US EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Directory

    When to Use

    Local agencies that use appropriated federal funds to buy $10,000 or more of products in categories below in a year must buy recycled products that meet US EPA's federal comprehensive procurement guidelines:

    • Automotive: engine coolants, rebuilt vehicular parts, re-refined lubricating oils, retread tires
    • Building materials: building insulation, cement and concrete, consolidated and reprocessed latex paint, floor tiles, flowable fill, laminated paperboard, modular threshold ramps, nonpressure pipe, patio blocks, railroad grade crossing surfaces, roofing materials, shower and restroom dividers/partitions, structural fiberboard, proposed: nylon carpet and nylon carpet backing
    • Industrial supplies: blasting grit, industrial drums, manual-grade strapping, mats, pallets, signage, sorbents
    • Landscaping products: compost and fertilizer made from recovered organic materials, garden and soaker hoses, hydraulic mulch, lawn and garden edging, plastic lumber landscaping timbers and posts
    • Office supplies (non-paper), such as awards, binders, clipboards, file folders, clip portfolios, furniture, plastic desktop accessories and envelopes, printer ribbons, waste bins
    • Paper products, such as easel pads, bath and face tissue, binders, cardboard boxes, index cards, labels, newsprint, notebooks, notepads, packaging, paper (except white copy paper), paperboard, paper towels, sticky notes
    • calendars, file folders, notebooks, notepads, 
    • Park and recreation products: park benches and picnic tables, plastic fencing, playground equipment, playground surfaces, running tracks
    • Traffic and sidewalk products: bike racks, channelizers, delineators, flexible delineators, parking stops, traffic barricades, traffic cones
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  • Office Supplies with Highest % Recycled Content

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Criteria for Paper Products

Adding machine, cash register, and calculator rolls must not contain bisphenol A (BPA).

Undyed file folders, tablet paper, wove envelope paper, cotton fiber paper, and text and cover paper must have a minimum of 30% post-consumer fiber.

Pressboard report covers, index cards, and dyed file folders 20% PCR must have a minimum of 20% post-consumer fiber.

For other paper products, purchased the highest post-consumer recycled content available.