New lighting list: this might brighten your day

December 22, 2014

There is now an easier way for you to get efficient, more affordable, less-toxic lighting.  The San Francisco Department of the Environment has created lists of lighting products that meet our criteria for energy efficiency, lamp life and mercury content. We have also provided links to vendors and other product details. All of these products are currently part of the new citywide lamps and ballasts, and fixtures (electrical materials) contract for San Francisco City Departments. 

Lighting for your home or organization:

LED bulbs and desk lamps do not contain toxic mercury, and are more energy efficient and longer lasting than CFLs. LEDs that are not screw-in bulbs can be paired with electronic drivers (power supplies). 

Can't get LEDs?  Try less-toxic CFL bulbs, ballasts, and fixtures.


Lighting for your organization:

Fluorescent tubes, ballasts and fixtures


Exit Signs

High pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs