Hydraulic Fluid ES Greenplus (UL Ecologo certified)

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Has no petroleum. It lasts long than most petroleum products because its lubricating film is about 50x stronger. If you spill vegetable oil lubricants, it is less environmentally dangerous than petroleum and synthetic lubricants. (Read more)

Info on this product category: Hydraulic Fluid (Biobased)

Criteria for Hydraulic Fluid (Biobased)

The contractor must provide services to take back and re-refine used biobased hydraulic oil.

Products should be listed in the USDA BioPreferred Catalog

Hydraulic fluid must be readily biodegradable and non-hazardous ISO 40 grade hydraulic tractor oil for use in general purpose hydraulic systems.  This oil must be a direct replacement for petroleum oil based hydraulic tractor fluids. Oil must meet or exceed the requirements of petroleum oil based hydraulic fluids and have excellent anti-wear characteristics.  Hydraulic system must be factory filled with bio-degradable hydraulic oil.  Oil certifications must be provided at delivery.  Hydraulic tank must also be clearly marked with decal stating it contains bio-degradable oil. Products should be:

  1. Rated as Commercial and/or Industrial Grade.
  2. American Petroleum Institute certified.
  3. Meet the performance and warranty requirements of the manufacturers listed in the specifications.

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January 24, 2020

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