Energy Star Labeled Multi Function Devices (All-in-one Copier, Printer, Scanner, Fax)

The City requires the purchase of multifunction devices, which combine printing, scanning, copying and fax capabilities.

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Cost Savings

Using multifunction devices, SF Environment saves about $3,000 per year on operating costs and about 30% on paper costs (235,000 pages printed, copied, and faxed;  5,000 pages scanned) 

Environmental & Health Information

Multi-function devices (MFDs) reduce energy because they consolidate several devices (copier, scanner, fax) into one.

Energy Star labelled multifunction devices:

  • Use from 40 to 55 percent less energy than standard models.
  • Will save money on paper -- certain sized equipment are required to produce double sided pages (duplexing)
  • Are designed to limit the use of hazardous substances (lead, mercury, cadmium)


Criteria for Energy Star Labeled Multi Function Devices (All-in-one Copier, Printer, Scanner, Fax)

Info on this product category: Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines

Why Go Green

If all imaging equipment in the United States met the latest Energy Star requirements, we would save $178 million in electricity costs and prevent 2.6 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions every year.


Not all Energy Star multifunctional devices can print on both sides of paper (duplex). Make sure to buy machines capable of duplexing.

Criteria for Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines

Multifunction devices (all-in-one copiers/printers/scanners/fax machines) must be certified to the latest version of Energy Star. The default settings of these devices must be configured to automatically print and copy double-sided. 


Last updated

Last updated: 
March 19, 2014

Guide for City Staff

Citywide Contract

Special Purchasing Instructions

See discounted prices in the most recent Technology Marketplace Checklist and User Guide or CopySmart Program Contract Award.


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