Giotto's Rocket Air Blower



When to Use

Blows off dust from photo and computer equipment.



Cost Savings

It costs the same as computer can dusters (around $10). But it saves money in the long-run because it is reusable, unlike aerosol can dusters.

Information on Giotto's Rocket Air Blower

Environmental & Health Information

Unlike many gas dusters this product does not contain powerful greenhouse gas propellants (which causes climate change).

Information on Keyboard Cleaners

Why Go Green

Avoid aerosol electronic dusters when possible because they are not reusable, use fluorocarbon propellants that can cause climate change, and are relatively expensive.  Brushes, air blowers and vacuums are effective alternatives for routine keyboard and electronics cleaning.

Criteria for Keyboard Cleaners

Keyboard and/or electronics cleaning devices must not be aerosols or have greenhouse gases as propellants. 

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February 7, 2014

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Product Reviews

People in the office use it and they all like it.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Great little device! Uses regular everyday air to blow the dirt away.

March 31, 2014